Amino Acids, In The Know

Amino Acids, In The Know


Have you heard the buzz about Master Amino Acids Pattern (MAP)? If you haven’t heard about it, well you soon will. Book mark this post, in case you need to reference any information about amino acids and MAP.

First, let’s figure out just what MAP is. MAP is a dietary supplement that supplies the body with essential amino acids. The MAP formula contains all natural, highly purified essential amino acids that are recommended as a supplement to diet along with recommended vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

The International Nutrition Research Center (INRC) researched for 23 years to find and isolate specific amino acids that promote life and health. MAP is composed of many essential amino acids that are extracted from dietary proteins. They are all natural and unaltered during the process.

MAP contains essential amino acids that the body cannot live without. These are amino acids that cannot be made in a test tube or created un naturally. The only way to get these nutrients is to include them in your diet. Many of us lack the optimal amount due to poor diets of too many processed and nutrition void foods.

The World Health Organization and the US National Academy of Sciences have identified 8 amino acids that are essential for proper nutrition. MAP provides the body with building  blocks to maintain cell regeneration. MAP provides 51% more Net Nitrogen Utilization proteins than the egg, which is considered to be the biggest source of this protein. The MAP supplement is highly recommended for anyone who may not be getting proper nutrition through proper diet due to economics or illness. For those who want to build muscle, MAP is the key to building muscle for endurance and training.

Pair a good amino acid supplement with a daily work out and reach Olympic strength in less time. MAP is perfectly healthy for anyone at any age to help build good muscle tone during a workout or training regime.

Including MAP in the diet of those suffering from many common ailments including Diabetes, Renal failure and Hepatic failure, will insure that these patients are getting the proper nutrition that will promote cell regeneration and possibly preserving health longer in those with these and many other health conditions.

MAP included in the diet of anyone wanting to gain muscle and maintain or lose weight. MAP naturally increases muscle and decreases fat. Adding the appropriate amino acids will regenerate and maintain muscle tone and mass.

The MAP proteins are absorbed faster than just eating a good diet. MAP is absorbed through the small intestine in 23 minutes. Absorption through diet can take up to 3 hours to fully absorb and do their job. MAP is perfect for those suffering from gastrointestinal problems or who have had a gastrectomy. The proteins are absorbed with fewer digestive functions, thus allowing proper nutrition with little or faster digestion.

There are no known adverse reactions to taking a MAP supplement. It is safe for anyone to use to help attain daily protein intake. MAP is taken during a meal with water or other beverage. As it also has no adverse effects when combined with other medications, it is safe for anyone, of any age or health status. As always, before adding any supplement, consult your physician to determine if it is safe for you and your unique health situation.

The body will feel the positive effects the first time it is used. Keep using it and in one week you will begin to see the results of the right amount of amino acids in your system. The positive results continue as long as you are taking the supplement.

Using MAP with any healthy diet plan will boost weight loss. Taking the MAP supplement, the body will be less hungry and require less food intake to obtain the proper nutrition. During the weight loss regime, while taking MAP, skin and muscles will strengthen and renew. Taking MAP during a low calorie diet will help prevent tissue loss from lower food intake. Preventing this loss will prevent the weight from being gained back.

While aging is a fact of life, adding MAP to your diet can prevent many of the common ailments that seem to come with age. MAP speeds up cell reproduction and repair, thus making us feel younger and healthier.

To start out your MAP program the right way, begin with 5 tablets and increase to 10 tablets per day in addition to required vitamins, trace elements, and minerals. Eight to 10 tablets substituted for lunch or dinner for weight management and loss.

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