Cut GMOs and Get Skinny!

Cut GMOs and Get Skinny!

puriumNew studies are showing a direct link to ingesting GMOs and getting fat. Truth! It has taken a few decades, but the reality is setting in and people are waking up to what they are putting into their bodies. Natural beings should eat natural foods. Once we start introducing processed and imitation products into a natural system, bad things are bound to happen.

Natural systems, like our bodies, do not know what to do with the un natural things we put into it, so it attacks it by causing weight gain, cancer and many other illnesses and diseases.

There are many studies on animals that show the adverse effects that genetically modified food causes. In animals tested there were instances of tumors, excessive weight gain, certain cancers and even DNA can be affected. The research has also shown that it did not matter whether the animals ingested the GMOs directly, or indirectly through other means like eating fish that were fed GMO feed products.

It makes perfect sense that the same can happen to people. We are all animals after all. After many years of introducing GMOs into the diets of almost everyone in the US, the research is showing all of this to be true. Humans suffer the same ill effects of ingesting processed and modified foods.

The nutrients in foods are also effected by over processing or modifying our food. While fast, pre prepared food is more convenient, it is not nutrient rich as organic counter parts.

Pregnant women and babies should be very aware of where their food comes from. Research on animals that are pregnant is quite frightening. When female rats were expecting and fed modified soy, most of the baby rats died within weeks, were born smaller and had problems getting pregnant if they lived to maturity. Expecting rats that were fed organic soy had healthy babies with none of the health issues noted in the rats eating the GMO soy.

Male rats given the modified soy had extreme changes in their testicles and their sperm was altered.

These same results can be seen in herds of animals that have been fed GMO feed. They have problems reproducing healthy offspring. Many baby animals die or the adults become unable to reproduce.

As more research findings are made public, the public should be very worried. There will be an increase in infant mortality and sterile people who will be unable to have children if we keep poisoning ourselves with processed, modified, fake foods.

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