Food Lies. You Think it is Safe and Good, Think Again…

Food Lies. You Think it is Safe and Good, Think Again…


Real Kobe Beef

Most of us have heard of Kobe beef. However, did you know the beef labeled Kobe in the US, Australia or Europe is not really what it claims? The meat is actually not legal in the US due to the way it is processed. Kobe beef is exclusive to Japan. The process is only subject to regulation in that country. What you are paying for in the US when purchasing beef with the Kobe label is a mystery, most likely it is just a high quality grass fed beef.

Olive Oil Lies

Thanks to some Italian Mafia enterprise, most of the Olive oil sold and consumed is fake. Yes, most of the olive oil on US store shelves is really not olive oil at all. Joe Profaci is known as “The Olive Oil King.” True olive oil is so expensive to produce that he ordered dilution or fake oils into the market claiming that it is the real thing. It is suggested that due to mob activity, today’s olive oil is mostly sunflower oil.

Pink Salmon is Dyed

Is the salmon you purchase in the local market pink? Chances are it is dyed that color. Most salmon sold in stores if farm raised and fed a diet of pellets infused with pharmaceutical coloring agents to produce pink salmon meat. Ninety five percent of Atlantic salmon is farm raised, all farm raised salmon consumes these colorants to make their meat appear pink.

Pieces of Meat Glued to Form Prime Cuts

Think that rib eye is real, maybe not. The meat industry often takes scraps of meat and “glues” them into the shape of an expensive cut of meat. A meat glue called transglutaminase is often used to turn bad meat cuts into more expensive cuts. This process is not detectable therefore it is not required to be listed as an ingredient. Even an experienced butcher cannot tell if meat has been glued or not.

Plump Juicy Chicken-Watered Down

Well maybe not with water but there are a bunch of weird liquids pumped into that plumb chicken breast. Most of the plump juicy chicken that is displayed is actually injected with chicken stock or brine with flavor enhancers. Or better yet, beef or pork waste. Since the 1970’s the meat industry has injected with mystery juice to make them tender and tasty. It is possible that thirty percent of the chicken you purchase is made up of extra juice.

Sweet, Tasty Honey Syrup

Unless the honey is purchased from an organic store, or pumped straight from the hive, chances are it is fake. Most of the honey sold in US stores comes from China. It has all the beneficial pollen filtered out and corn syrup plus artificial sweeteners added in. Even though the FDA says that if it does not contain pollen, it cannot be labeled honey, many of the popular brands found on store shelves contain no pollen at all.

These are just a few of the lies the food industry is telling us. It makes it very hard to determine if what you are serving to your family is truly healthy. Short of raising your own food, is there a way to insure that you are truly feeding your family the healthiest food? Too many in the food industry are allowed to sell us fake food, in the name of progress.