GMO or NO GMO? News for Today!

Wow, I must say our FaceBook page is one of the best places to find information to keep readers informed of the latest news on the fight against GMO.

First I found some really exciting news from Natural News.

It seems since the outrage against Zilmax, Tyson Foods got the message. They have stopped getting their meat from farmers who feed their cows Zilmax. To avoid a massive income loss from Americans boycotting Tyson Foods has nixed the selling of this poison to its customers! I personally thank them for hearing us!

While food gurus are saying NO to GMO, the FDA has launched its own investigation regarding Zilmax. We will see what the out come will be…

Major victories against Monsanto are happening all over the world. A citizen uprising in Chile is pushing GMOs out by not allowing Monsanto to patent their GMO seeds.
These little victories show that every small voice can be heard. When we join together against big money corporations that are trying to pull the wool over our eyes, we start seeing small victories. Soon they will become large victories.
GMO’s are not healthy. They cause illness and so much more destruction than they are worth. Why do we have to screw with nature?
2 comments on “GMO or NO GMO? News for Today!
  1. Susan Stern says:

    One of your fans, forwarded us your article. After reading, we thought your supporters should be made aware of ‘Beef Additive Alert ™, based in Cattle Country Nebraska, founded by 2 prominent USA Cattle Ranchers. We are concerned about the use of FDA-approved, muscle-bulking, beta agonist cattle feed additives, one of which, Zilmax, is currently under industry scrutiny. Another beta agonist, Ractopamine, trade name, Optaflexx should be put under the microscope, as well, we believe. Consumers want less compounds, chemicals, additives and drugs used at any stage of beef production. We seek solely to preserve USA BEEF Quality, Consistency & Integrity. The use of beta agonist cattle feed additives conflict with our mission, i.e., doing what’s right for America. We encourage your fans to visit us & get proactive. The industry is watching. Every vote & voice matters!

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