GMOs Will Feed The World

GMOs Will Feed The World

monsanto-stop-themAt least that is what Monsanto would like us to think. GMOs are not the healthiest way to feed the world. Their Genetically Modified garbage will do nothing but poison people and the environment.

The world is slowly seeing the bad in genetically modified food and opting out of the big money and damaging effects. People all over the world are finding ways to grow sustainable, healthy food to feed them selves and avoid Monsanto poison. There are roof top gardens, aqua-phonics, personal home gardens. Businesses are growing their own produce or purchasing it from small, organic farms. Even airports are serving food grown on site.

Many countries have rejected GMOs stating that they are not a sustainable way to feed the masses. What is produced from modified organisms will do nothing but reduce the population and damage the ecosystem. There are many countries who grow their own food supply without resorting to the damaging food like products.

Monsanto needs to get the message that people do not want their test tube treats in their diets any longer. Slowly the masses are seeing the damage that all this fake food is causing to health and the environment. Too many pesticides used is not healthy for man nor beast. The bees are dying off, the soil is becoming toxic, people are becoming ill. Hospitals are filling up with many, once rare cancers and even new diseases. Where do you think they are coming from?

While Monsanto claims there is no proof that their GMOs are causing more illness and disease, they do not show proof that they don’t. Most pro-GMO studies are overseen by allies of big agriculture. There are very few reports and research done by anyone not associated with Monsanto and other bio genetic food producers. But the ones that make it to the general public prove that these modified foods are a danger.

The people are speaking out. There are marches held to protest Monsanto and their bad idea that their food products are superior to organic and sustainable counterparts.

Sustainable agriculture is the way to feed the world. Monsanto needs to get the message that we do not need their science in order to eat. We can grow our own food that will be healthy and not harm the environment. With the awareness of the damage that GMOs do to the environment, more people are growing gardens in their own back yard, learning to preserve their food to avoid eating unknown food. Not only single family gardens, but many community gardens are popping up every where. Schools, airports, restaurants and the list keeps growing. Why do we need genetically modified organisms? Short answer is we don’t. Monsanto is just trying to make us think we do.