How Amino Acids Benefit Muscle Structure

How Amino Acids Benefit Muscle Structure

purium26How Amino Acids Benefit Muscle Structure

Amino acids of are found in every cell in the human body. When athletes train, they increase their intake of proteins that have the amino acids that will build muscles. The right proteins will also help athletes heal from over working their muscles.

All Proteins Are Different

Twenty essential amino acids aid in muscle building and repairing. The body produces eleven of them, naturally. Nine of them only come from diet. Foods that contain these nine include meat and soy based vegetables or grains. Meat contains one amino acid that greens and grains do not have. Vegans must get this from another source of protein.


Reconstructing damaged muscles and keeping them strong and healthy during workouts or injuries is a process that every athlete or injured person should follow for the best and fastest healing. Every time muscles hurt, they are injured in some way. Muscle tearing may or may not hurt above a four or five on a pain scale of 10. When muscle injury happens, hormones are produced in the body to aid healing. These hormones contain proteins and necessary amino acids. This process increases the muscle fiber size. These fiber cells travel to the injured area to build it up, thus making the muscle bigger and heal faster. Simply put, muscle fibers increase around the injury and make it stronger.

Timing Is Everything

Foods containing the correct proteins are recommended to be eaten at certain times during the healing or work out process. Once a workout is over the body goes into an anabolic phase. Begin about an hour after the workout and continue for duration of the healing process. For the next day, the muscles will grow muscle fibers and deliver them to the injured area.

Keep Building Strength

For anyone, people as they age, athletes and those with muscle injuries, eating right is important to staying healthy. A good rule of thumb for an average person is .05 to .07 grams of protein per pound of body weight. For those who are in training or injured, the gram recommendation it .05 to .09. This will maintain healthy muscle tone and avoid injury. It is important for healthy, reasonably active people to maintain proper nutrition to give the body the tools it needs to keep itself strong and healthy.

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