Local Grocery Stores Just Say No To GMO

Local Grocery Stores Just Say No To GMO

purium13More grocery stores and food producers are choosing to not use GMO’s in the product they sell to the public. The demand for organic, non-GMO food is growing. The public is discovering that the adverse health effects from ingesting GMO tainted food far out number any good spin Monsanto or other big food and pharma companies try to push down our throats. Facts are facts, and the facts are being exposed. Big food and seed producers do not want the public to know the truth. They are banking on the public to be uneducated and unaware of what they are really doing to the general population.

When it comes to the food we eat, more and more supermarkets and food manufactures are following the general consensus and are just saying no to GMO’s. In the instance of GMO Salmon, more are saying “NO” every day!

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“What is genetically engineered salmon?” you may wonder.  Did our grandmothers eat it?  Did our parents?

The short answer is no.  With the insertion of an “on switch” gene into the DNA of salmon, scientists at a company called AquaBounty Technologies have manipulated and patented the genetic makeup of salmon and engineered it to eat year round so that it can grow twice as fast. As a result, salmon producers will be able to grow salmon more quickly, driving profitability and capitalizing on the growing demand for fish.

What will eating this mutated salmon with an on-switch for growth do to us? The answer is we simply don’t know.

Sure, genetically-manipulated foods have been on the market in the United States for the last 15 years,according to the United States Department of Agriculture, and the chemical companies producing them say there is no evidence of harm.  But since these foods, when they were introduced, were never labeled, there is no way to know if these foods are causing harm.  Without labels, there is no traceability and no evidence….at all.  And while that may be a smart move for shareholders, as it helps avoid liability, a growing number of consumers and retailers are beginning to opt out of these foods.

Watch this video, Monsanto is banking on US citizens being too dumb to notice that they are slowly poisoning our food supply. As more information is becoming available, more countries are banning GMO’s or requiring GMO labeling. There are millions of acres of GMO crops in the US. Why is Monsanto pushing their poison? With so many acres of GMO crops in the US, it can make one wonder how it is going to affect conventional farmers. They claim several reasons. They say GMO crops produce more product than conventional, organic crops. This is not true. Not only do organically grown crops produce just as much product, what they produce is healthier.

Many people are giving organic, natural foods a bigger budget on their food bill. GMO’s are being slashed off of grocery lists and are being replaced by all natural, healthy foods.

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