NO GMO in Our Water!

dirty-waterNew Zealand is well known globally for high quality dairy products. GMOs could be changing that. Recently there has been an outbreak of botulism in whey protein produced at the Fonterra dairy company. Investigations have found that the source is very likely to be animal waste laced with GMOs. When you think about it, it just makes sense that GMOs will soon contaminate everything!

When the contamination was found in the whey protein from Fonterra, it was first thought to have come from old, dirty pipes. After further investigation, the Clostridium botulinum strain does not just show randomly. It has to have a source.

It seems that Fonterra’s cattle are fed GMO corn, soy and other non organic materials. Yes, GMOs do not only make the animals ill, it causes an effect on everything. Even the Roundup that is sprayed to prevent weeds runs off contaminating ground water.

Research has shown that animals fed GMO products and the use of many pesticides increase Clostridia and other bacteria. The investigation has shown that the source of the recent botulism scare was from animal GMO waste, not an old pipe. The feed that animals are fed contains glyphosate to speed up animal growth also speeds the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Although there still may be some truth that the contamination came from an old pipe, the fact remains that this strain does not just appear. It has to come from somewhere and it can be traced straight back to GMO poison in animal feed. It is estimated that 870 tons of food products were distributed around the globe were affected by the contamination. Readymade infant forumula and children’s meal replacement drinks are among the scariest affected.

This is just one more example of GMO fail! We all need to just say no to GMOs! Stop purchasing products that contain poison. I mean really, learn what will not make you and your family ill. Need another scare to get you to boycott those who use and support GMOs? Read this past post, and pay close attention to  The GMO that could have killed nearly all life on Earth.

Now that some scary chit!


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