Non GMO Shopping Made Easy

Non GMO Shopping Made Easy

purium15With the legislation still battling over our right to GMO labeling, for information regarding GMOs and how to avoid them.

There is an app for your phone so that you can take it anywhere and have access to vital non GMO shopping information. A complete non GMO shopping guide along with tips you can use right at the store! It is also available in PDF form that is perfect for printing and sharing.

It seems like there is new news daily about GMO’s and their danger to human health. More scientists are coming forth and removing or ignoring gag orders in the name of public health and information.

We deserve, no, we have the right to know what we are eating! We need to take a stand and demand that the government and big seed/poison companies stop using us as an experiment and killing us off with their un natural creations. Many questions and theories are surfacing about how and why these toxic foods are being fed to the general public. Is it just a power play? Is there a deeper more sinister reason like government population control?

The more little voices that oppose the use of GMOs are heard, the more the government and other “powers that be” will have to listen…We deserve the right to not eat poison or feed it to our children. GMOs need much more research that will take years or even decades before they are allowed for human consumption.

Become informed. Stop the sickness that GMOs are spreading. Really, we need to stop looking the other way!

For even more information and those really helpful shopping downloads, visit The Institute For Responsible Technology site. Become an informed consumer and start eating healthy, NON GMO foods.


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