Purium For Body Building

Purium For Body Building

Safe. Effective. Natural. Proven. Guaranteed.

Athletes need extra nutrition while training and developing their skills in their chosen sport. There are 8 main challenges that all athletes face when they are excelling at their sport. Some choose to take un natural supplements that may or may not help. Purium has a solution for each of the nutritional challenges facing athletes.

Mother Nature and Purium know just what it takes to enhance an athlete’s performance and provide the proper problem solving solutions. Performance enhancing, synthetic drugs are not the best way for athletes to excel at their sport. Nature alternatives will go farther helping build muscle, increase energy, reaction time and much more.

  1. Core Nutrition: Power Shake
  2. Muscle Building: Master Amino Acid Pattern
  3. Energy: Bee Energetic
  4. Reaction Time: Revive-It-All
  5. Hormone Balance: Super Male Formula
  6. Recovery: Astaxanthin Advantage
  7. Repair: Joint-Flex
  8. Rehydration: Ionic Elements


Purium congratulates every athlete who takes the natural approach to perfecting his or her sport! Here are just a few faithful, amazingly athletic customers.


Antonio McKee – Mixed Martial Artist
Achievements: Career 27 wins and 4 losses.
Favorite PURIUM products: Power Shake, Master Amino Acid Pattern.
Antonio McKee is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter with a current record of 27 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws. McKee began wrestling at the age of 14 and quickly found his niche, competing with the likes of Dan Henderson, Heath Sims, and John Smith.

Laura London – Natural Body Builder / Fitness Model
Achievements: 3rd place in the NPC Figure Competition
Favorite PURIUM products: Power Shake, Master Amino Acid Pattern, Bee Energetic, Joint Flex
Laura is known as the “Green Fitness Goddess.” A holistic health coach, personal trainer, wife and mother of three, Laura stopped trainig for 6 years before getting back into “show” condition with the help of Purium products. At age 45 she is a nationally-ranked figure competitor.
Ian Farrar – Champion Cyclist
Achievements: 2011 World Master Cycling Championships Belgium, finisher. Bethel Criterium, 1st place and 2nd overall for series. Masters Connecticut State Criterium Champion
Favorite PURIUM products: Power Shake, Master Amino Acid Pattern, Bee Energetic, Super Male Formula
Purium products have helped Ian train harder, sprint faster and recover quicker for more than 7 years now. Ian also earns thousands and thousands of dollars every month promoting Awesome Products for Athletes to the cycling community.
Peter Thomas – Professional Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, Full Instructor in Muay Thai under the Thai Boxing Association U.S.A., and Silver Glove instructor in Boxe Francaise Savate
Achievements: 2006 Savate National Champion, stunt double and fight choreographer for David Carradine (of Kill Bill (2003-04) fame) as well as other notable Hollywood action stars.
Favorite PURIUM products: Master Amino Acid Pattern, Revive-It-All
As a martial arts instructor, Hollywood stuntman, I must be at my very best at all times. Purium Health Products provides the products that protect my body and allow rapid recovery from injury and ensure that I am maximizing my workouts. With Purium’s Awesome Product for Athletes, I am improving stamina, reaction time and focus.