Teach Healthy Eating Habits to Kids

Teach Healthy Eating Habits to Kids

purium16Face it, the nation’s food supply is not the same as it was 50 years ago. If we all really think about it, there is a direct connection to the food we eat and declining health. When baby boomers were kids, they ate more home prepared foods, when the baby boomers added a new generation, their lives became busy and parents looked for ways to make meal time faster. This led to the pre processing of foods to make them faster to prepare. While faster meals were gaining in popularity, the GMO industry was growing dramatically. Today, there is more food-like substances on the dinner table than there are naturally process foods.

This is creating a lot of health problems for everyone. When baby boomers were growing up, there were not as many cancers, diseases or ailments of body and mind. We need to re-teach the next generation about sustainability and organic eating. Alerts are in the news that antibiotics loosing their effectiveness. Many natural, organic and non GMO foods contain powerful medications that can combat infection, slow cancer growth, burn fat and have many other health benefits that processed, artificial and modified foods just do not contain.

With all the advertisements and publicity there is for the so called “food products” it can be difficult to convince children to eat right. Here are a few tips that will help kids, and you make better eating choices.

Of course, we all know to teach by example. It just makes sense. If our kids see us eating healthy and taking care of our bodies, they will naturally follow. But there is so much more parents can do to teach their kids to eat healthy.

1. Learn to Cook!purium14

The more you can process in your own home, the healthier it is. Cooking is not that difficult. If you can prepare a just add ground meat boxed dinner,  you can cook. There are literally millions of recipes for healthy foods that actually will taste better than that boxed crap. Check local grocery stores, community services and even online for good basic instruction.


2.  Learn to Shop Healthypurium13

Become an informed consumer. Learn what foods are organic and GMO free. The market for these types of foods is growing rapidly as more people are paying attention to what they are putting in their bodies. Often shopping local and avoiding the big chain stores is a healthier choice.

3. Grow Somethingimg-4536-753

Even if it is as simple as a potted tomato plant indoors or a back yard garden. Plant something. Let the kids get involved with the process of creating their own food. Growing food when our kids are young teaches them that not all food comes in a box or a can.

4. Learn to Read Labelsmisleading-labels

I find a good rule of thumb is if you cannot pronounce it, don’t eat it! Seriously, if a food product has more than a few ingredients or if you cannot pronounce even one of them, it most likely is not the healthy choice. Make reading labels fun, as you learn what products are healthy and what is questionable, teach your children. Learning to be healthy together can be fun too.

Think about it. Our bodies are natural. Asking it to process un natural, “food like” products is not healthy. When the body tries to process the over process, it is confused and does not know what to do with the byproducts left behind. To regain health, we must regain nutrition.

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