The Health Benefits of Apothe-Cherry

The Health Benefits of Apothe-Cherry


Apothe Cherries and Blood Sugar

A study in 2009 shows evidence that one benefit of tart cherries is improvement of blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol levels in those who are diagnosed with diabetes or high cholesterol. The National College of Natural Medicine found that tart cherries can influence the gene that regulates the metabolism. The study was done on animals fed high fat diets and included a supplement of tart cherry powder. The animals showed lower cholesterol, less fat in the abdominal area and decreased inflammation. They concluded that tart cherries can decrease the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes and prevent heart disease.

Apothe Cherries and Antioxidants

Antioxidants are touted to be one of the best supplements for maintaining health. The University of Michigan Health System studied the benefits of the five anthocyanins antioxidants in tart cherries. When ingested, the benefits of higher levels of antioxidants in the blood maintained higher levels for at least 12 hours. The antioxidant benefit continues with a reduction in pain and inflammation comparable to prescription anti-inflammatory drugs.

Apothe Cherries and Workouts

The book “Acute Topics in Sports Nutrition” M Lambercht performed a study on long distance runners. In this study was found that consuming tart cherry juice for five days, before during and after a marathon, runners reported decreased inflammation and improved strength. The study also found runners were able to recover faster from muscle strain and injury after vigorous exercise and training.

Apothe Cherries and Melatonin

Melatonin is a brain hormone that helps regulate the body’s internal clock. A Study in December 2012 shows that Melatonin also helps with some forms of insomnia. The report found that taking a tart cherry supplement for seven days improved the ability to fall asleep and stay sleeping longer.

purium5Tart cherries have many healthy benefits for the human body. As more individuals discover natural and homeopathic benefits of an all natural diet that is free from processed and GMO foods, the popularity of Apothe Cherries will continue to grow. Purium is dedicated to informing everyone of the benefits of diet free from un natural food like products. Purium is making healthy cool!

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