The Health Effects of Eating GMO Products.

frankenfoodsHow Does Eating GMO Hurt the Body

Eating GMOs has an adverse effect on our bodies. It really is logical if you think about it. GMOs are not natural. We are natural beings. Putting un natural things into our bodies is bound to have some kind of effect. Our bodies have natural defenses against natural ailments and illnesses. When we ingest un natural GMOs, or bodies do not know how to defend against it, or even if it should.

We hear more about intestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome. We hear about more kidney problems like kidney stones and such. These bodily functions are part of the body’s defense. If the body does not know what you are eating, it tries to get rid of it, through the urinary tract and the bowels.


There are studies that show that the body’s GMOs may in fact be a reason for bacteria and other organisms build resistance to antibiotics. The GMOs learn, so to speak, and changes itself to fight the antibiotics that should cure what the doctor thinks you have.

Bacteria that invade the intestines, from the body trying to protect itself, will contain the protein from GMOs. Studies have shown increased levels of Bt pesticide toxin, the same found in potatoes, corn and soybeans. Now that is scary! American’s eat a lot of all of those.

It is really true, you are what you eat. GMOs are not healthy, more studies are proving this every day. It is time to get back to all natural, real food. Not the poison Monsanto and others are shoving in front of us. The best thing we can do for our bodies is to eat natural. Stop eating GMOs. Watch what you purchase and what you are eating. Eating GMOs is bad for your health. Non GMO foods are available at reasonable prices.

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