The Truth About Nutrition and Cancer

The Truth About Nutrition and Cancer

purium7One of the major problems with doctors who are treating cancer patients today are, they know virtually nothing about nutrition and the reason being they are not taught nutrition. In a recent study doctors were asked how much tuition they received on the subject of nutrition and most answered that it was less than 3 hours over their entire training. Any doctor that’s knowledgeable on the subject is likely to be self taught.

While cancer has other causes the main one is the wrong food we choose to eat. Our diets have changed over the last 50 years and people in developed societies are mostly consuming food that’s no longer fresh but has been processed by man for profit. While this food may be appealing, most of the information on the container is clever marketing and is there to help it sell.

Another problem is we are obsessed with cooking our food and what does cooked food lack, its enzymes.While we may buy good food but if most of it is cooked on high heat then it is void of these enzymes it once contained which are necessary to keep us free of health problems. The benefits of eating raw food are amazing so if you are cooking most of it, you are not gaining these benefits. When you add up your total food intake from baked, boiled, grilled, barbecued and fried foods, you may find that the majority of what you have been eating is dead food.

The correct nutrition is a powerful healer and since all cancers are a result of an immune system that’s been weakened and didn’t destroy cancer cells as they appeared in the body, your focus has to be to strengthen the immune system. The foundation to a strong immune system is a plant based diet of food that is freshly grown and has minimal interference by man.

I think by now that most people realize that a cure for cancer is never going to be found. For instance if a person got cancer back in the 19:50s and if you got cancer today the outcome would be the same, nothing has changed. Our current cancer treatments are appallingly ineffective and they are only having success with 2 to 3 percent of patients and that’s with unusual cancers which are usually not serious anyway. So why not turn to nutrition which is a proven way to help.

Diet is the most important piece of the cancer puzzle and if your diet is not fighting cancer it is fueling it. There is no in between. There are cases of people reversing their cancers by just making changes to their diet. Our mainstream treatments for cancer may give a patient a short term relief but a change to your diet will provide a long term solution to the problem because you are correcting the reasons why it first appeared.

You need to focus on the factors that have caused the problem instead of just the obvious symptoms of the disease because if you don’t, it will only return and in a much more sinister form. It is not primary cancer that kills, its secondary cancer that has spread or returned which is fatal.

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