Way to go Fox News…another epic FAIL!

If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it now….take the time. It’s only a 10 minute video with some important information for consumers about the dangers of GMO and what big companies, like Monsanto, have done to push their poison.

Koodos to the fired Fox reporters for going public with this bull crap that is being hidden from the public. Shame on Monsanto and others for attempting to cover this up! We have the right to know Monsanto!! Watch this video!

What the hell..we elect people to prevent Monsanto from being allowed to poison us…why are we paying taxes again???

Thank you fired Fox reporters! I hope this doesn’t get taken down too quickly!

2 comments on “Way to go Fox News…another epic FAIL!
  1. Shar Morin says:

    Koodos, to you for posting this information. Many of us today are too busy to read between the lines of what is truth and what is not. Keep up the Great work.

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