We Have The Right To Say No To GMO!

If other countries are saying NO to GMOs, why is the US still pushing this poison on its population? Is it some sort of “population control”? Are we being used as an experiment? Big companies are taking the GMO out of their food products in Europe. Heck, even Monsanto has given up trying to feed Europe their poison.

Our food supply is “owned” by lobbyists who, more than likely do not eat their own products. As more consumers are finding out about the dangers of GMOs and the effect they have on overall health, we, the people are staging more protests against Monsanto and others. Slowly but surely, Americans are witnessing and believing that GMOs are a danger. Many states are demanding that GMO foods have labeling stating that they are modified. Connecticut was the first state to pass a GMO labeling law, there is no doubt, as we find out more about GMO, more states will follow suit.

Is This Freedom?

Americans are slowly but surely seeing the dangers of GMOs that Monsanto are hiding from us. As reporters try to expose the real and present danger of humans consuming genetic pesticides and other poisons, the people are waking up to the dangers. We have an absolute right to know what we are eating. Or do we?

Some think labeling is just a way to scare people into thinking GMOs are dangerous. The facts are showing that they truly are a health hazard. For years this over weight country has been ingesting GMO poisons without even knowing it. Now, as many of us are paying more attention to what we eat in an effort to remain healthy, we are discovering that forces seem to be against us losing weight and and getting healthy. There are GMOs in almost everything we eat. These additives are being linked to many health problems, including obesity.

Wake up America! Monsanto is evil and they hide the truth. Tell the government to stop letting these genetic seed companies feed us this crap. The more people who take action and raise their voice, the more they will have to listen.

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