What Are Super Foods and Why Should We Eat Them?

What Are Super Foods and Why Should We Eat Them?

purium57Many people are awakening to the reality that we really are what we eat. As this reality is slapping many, eating habits are changing. It seems like every day we hear something new about what foods are good and what foods to avoid. We live in a super sized food world of some super sized, unhealthy people. To change from super size and unhealthy, there needs to be a mind switch and diet switch to superfoods.

Just what are superfoods and why are they good for you? Well it is simple. Superfoods are foods that are mostly produce like whole grains and veggies. Some highly nutritional fish and dairy products could also be called a superfood.  The term superfood is not a scientific one, the meaning is sometimes subject to interpretation. But the common theme is superfoods are organic and packed with nutrition.

There are many lists of the best superfoods all over the internet. Most are based on the nutritional content of food. Most foods that are classified as superfoods have a high amount of an essential nutrient like antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats.

Superfood Fruits

Some fruits are on this list as they are loaded with vitamins, fiber and many other nutrients. Blueberries, cranberries and raspberries are perfect healthy superfood snacks. Kiwi fruit contains a larger amount and variety of essential nutrients.  Exotic fruits are high on any superfood list. These include Acai berry, dragon fruit, pomegranate and noni fruit. These exotics have been found to contain high amounts of cancer fighting nutrients.

Superfood Beans and Grains

Beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds are on most lists of recommended superfoods. Beans are known to contain insoluble fiber that is proven to lower cholesterol and soluble fiber. All contain high amount of antioxidants, protein, minerals, fiber and other vitamins that promote good health.

Superfood Vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, spinach and chard are among the super food vegetables. The darker veggies are loaded with vitamins calcium, fiber and many other minerals that promote good health and have been known to prevent disease. Vitamins A, C and K are high on the list of healthy vitamins that these foods contain. Squash and sweet potatoes are also great superfood veggies. They contain high levels of fiber and vitamin A.

Other Healthy Superfoods

There are a few non-plant foods that are classified in the super category. Salmon, mackerel and sardines are tops as they contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to reduce the risk of heart disease. The mercury level of some of these fish can be high, it is recommended to eat in moderation to avoid health risks of too much mercury.

Many other foods could very well be on any list of recommended superfoods. Green tea, coffee, yogurt, dark chocolate and even olives are all high in the essential health nutrients. Differences in the many lists of super foods are due to personal preference and location. Some of the foods that make a list do so because they are readily available.

The main thing to remember is for a food to be super, it should not be mass grown with chemicals and pesticides nor should it be processed. To be superfoods, they must be organic and GMO free.

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