Why Are We Torturing Animals with Monsanto’s GMO Feed?

Rat-Tumor-Monsanto-GMO-Cancer-Study-3-WideWow, if this doesn’t open some eyes about the dangers of GMO crap that is being produced as food, I don’t know what will. I was surfing around looking for some information to share, and stumbled upon the following article that should really make us think about what Monsanto is passing off as edible for humans. Seriously, go read the whole article! You will surly want to after reading this excerpt…


“A Culture that views pigs as inanimate piles of protoplasmic structure to be manipulated however cleverly the human mind can conceive will view its citizens the same way – and other cultures.” – Joe Salatin Restoring Health, Wealth and Respect to Food and Farming

We associate food with at most, pleasure, at the very least, survival. It’s not too different for animals. Lambs turned out on new grass move “quickly over certain grasses to get to others – to nosh on clover and mustard grass, avoiding horse nettle and fescue along the way,” writes Dan Barber in A Chef Speaks Out . Wild pigs, capable of seeking out the nutrients they need,”enjoy eating nuts, roots, fruits, mushrooms, bugs, rabbits, and, occasionally, dead animals.”

But what happens when animals are confined in cramped, filthy environments and force-fed monoculture diets of genetically modified corn and soy?

A lot can happen. Calves are born too weak to walk, with enlarged joints and limb deformities. Piglets experience rapidly deteriorating health, a “failure to thrive” so severe that they start breaking down their own tissues and organs – self-cannibalizing – to survive. Many animals suffer from weak, brittle bones that easily fracture. Dairy cows develop mastitis, a painful udder infection. Beef cattle develop liver abscesses and an excruciating condition referred to as “twisted gut.”

It all adds up to a lot of misery for animals unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of industrial agriculture’s Big GMO Experiment…

Seriously, read the rest, its some pretty scary stuff! If Monsanto’s nasty poison does these things to animals, just think what it is doing to people!   Click here.

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